Travel Blog Awards 2019: and the Nominees are...

The Nominees of the Travel Blog Awards 2019

Saturday 2 February, Sound of C organizes the second edition of the Belgian Travel Blog Awards. Travel bloggers could submit cases which were evaluated by a professional jury consisting of Keith Jenkins (iAmbassador), Pierre Fivet (Vacansoleil) en Britta Baeke (Travel Express Benelux). In total, 160 cases were sent in for 10 categories. Below, you can find an overview of the nominees.

1. Best Citytrip (sponsored by the tourism board of Weimar)

  • Soms Ook Heimwee - case: Porto

  • Het is de Merckx - case: Hannover

  • Gerrit and the city - case: Berlin

  • Jules et Jeanne - case: Budapest

2. Best Beach (sponsored by Cathay Pacific Airways)

3. Best Winter (sponsored by Ötztal Tourismus)

4. Best Roadtrip (sponsored by Audi)

5. Best Family (sponsored by Vacansoleil)

  • With kids on the road - ingediende case: Paris

  • Annelies beleeft - ingediende case: Tuscany

  • Jules et Jeanne: ingediende case: Avignon 

  • Liesellove - ingediende case: Australia

6. Best Adventure (sponsored by Toerisme Limburg)

  • Soms Ook Heimwee - case: Sweden

  • Tjoolaard - case: Siberia

  • World Wanderista - case: Jordan

  • Het is de Merckx - case: Sweden

7. Best Hotel (sponsored by Corendon)

  • Het is de Merckx - case: Rhodos           

  • Soms Ook Heimwee - case: Ghent

  • Charlie’s Wanderings - case: India

  • World Wanderista - case: Mykonos

8. Best Culinary (sponsored by VVV Texel)

9. Best Benelux (sponsored by Visit Brabant

10. Best Lifestyle (sponsored by the tourism board of Poland)


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