Are you a travel blogger/photographer/Instagrammer who has created some really great content? Then apply for the travel blog awards. It doesn't matter whether you are a small blogger or have a large follower count. For the Awards, the jury will look at your content, so don't hesitate and take your chance. Good luck!



Fill in the application form below to apply for the Travel Blog Awards! In total, you can participate in three different categories. When you fill in the application form, you can only submit the content for one award. If you wish to apply for multiple award categories (max. 3), this means you will have to fill in the application form multiple times as well. As such, you don't have to submit all your cases at once.

Keep in mind to fill in the box URL to your article when you have chosen one of the below categories in the drop down menu: 

  1. Best Citytrip

  2. Best Adventure

  3. Best Roadtrip

  4. Best Family Travel

  5. Best Culinary/Cultural Travel

  6. Best Benelux

  7. Best Sustainable Travel (NEW)

  8. Best Newcomer (NEW)

Keep in mind to fill in the boxes URL to your social post when you have chosen the below category in the drop down menu:

  1. Best Social Media Campaign (NEW)

Keep in mind to fill in the box Upload your image of the Year when you have chosen the below category in the drop down menu:

  1. Image of the Year (NEW)

Please note that you are only applying for the category you have chosen in the drop down menu.

! You only have to link an article if you are applying for one of the blog categories (see above), the social posts are only obligatory when you are submitting a case for the Best Social Media Campaign and the photo is only necessary if you have chosen "Image of the Year" in the drop down menu for the categories.

Any questions? Let us know!


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